Friday, September 17, 2010

Delegates of International Syriac Conference visited MGU Library

Delegates of 7th International Syriac Conference visited Mahatma Gandhi University Library on September 16, 2010. They spend the morning using reference collections, literature collections and getting familiar with the, resources and services. They were fascinated by the MGU Online digital Archive of PhD Theses and the multilingual search mechanism it was having. Those delegates who knew Indian languages searched the Online Archive using Hindi and Malayalam scripts also. They retrieved the theses related to theology and Syriac. Delegates group consisted of representatives from all over the world. Dr. Raman Nair presented copies of Malayalam version of ‘Communist Manifesto’ to those who knew Malayalam, which a group led by him translated and published under Creative Commons Attribution License .Prof. Vielle of oriental institute,Belgium was so impressed by the OPAC (Online Public Access catalogue) and MGU PhD Theses Archive in the Internet while searching documents of Arnos Pathiri. Prof. Christophe Vielle, Coletle Pasquet, Prof. Martin Tamcke, Prof. Jurgen Tubach, Prof. Rainer Voigt, Jean Paul Deschler, Sebastian .P. Brock, Fr. Jacob Thekkeparambil etc. were among the visitors.
SEERI established for advanced teaching and learning of the Syriac language and heritage. Every 4th year, SEERI (St. Ephrem Ecumenical Research Institute), Kottayam is the venue for International Syriac Conference.

                          Dr.Raman Nair chats with Prof.C.Vielle of Oriental             Institute,Louvain,Belgium

A close look at the online theses of MGU by delegates in the ICT Lab

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